Day 20 of HCG Warrior 500 Calorie Day

Weight: 141.5

Well, I’m on my 3rd last day of the drops, and my 6th last day of the 500 calorie diet,but who’s counting :>  Ok, really, it has been great.  The HCG Warrior Drops have been doing their trick, I’m not hungry, still to this day.  I don’t have mouth watering cravings for anything, but my mind is wondering to what I can eat during maintenance.  I’ve been searching for low carb food recipes, hoping to find some that I can incorporate into our everyday meals after this is over.  I’m not thinking about wheat at all, but I do miss my quinoa!

This happened to me last time too.  I don’t think it is a bad thing, but I become obsessed with food near the end of the diet.  It isn’t a junk food obsession, but it is an obsession for finding new exciting healthy food options for my family.  I’m on a mission to find inspiring cooks and healthy food options.  This is a great thing though, because if you don’t change your eating style after dieting, you will find yourself up there in pounds before you know it (thankfully I was so obsessed last time).

My favorite snacks that got me through any sweet binges last time were Date Bars.  They are like a Larabar, but home made.  You just need a food processor, dates, other dried fruits and nuts and spices, to make delicious yummy treats.  Chocolate Covered Katie has been one of my favorites who got me through sweet tooth cravings last time around.  Love her raw yummy desserts.

Anyways, until tomorrow, getting ready for my twins birthday party coming up next weekend.


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